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The DRIVECOM User Group e.V. is an association of international drive manufacturers, universities, and institutes.

The DRIVECOM has set itselve a goal to develop an simple integration of drives in open automation systems

From the user`s point of view a drive is something completely different than it is from the communication`s point of view. Users work with parameters, which are detectable by names. For communication, parameters are defined by number pairs (e.g. index, subindex; slot, index). Many users accept and use this way of representation and they know that the communication usually depends on the communication protocol or profile, i.e. handling differences occur. This results in a considerable engineering effort. A quick and controller-oriented data access would make engineering a lot easier and therefore cheaper.

The DRIVECOM User Group therefore decided to standardise the communication interface for accessing drives. The DriveServer specification is based on the OPC interface standard, version 2.0. The innovative concept standardises the presentation and access to controllers and functions.

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About us