The DRIVECOM user group decided to standardise the communication interface for accessing drives. The DriveServer specification is based on the OPC interface standard, version 2.0. The innovative concept standardises the presentation and access to controllers and functions.

Due to the use of the OPC interfaces in process automation the individual adaptation to controllers and hardware is not longer necessary, but vendors of automation devices can do that themselves. Since the access to process data has been standardised and the software of the PC can be loaded via OLEs, adaptations to vendor-specific interfaces are not longer required. Up to now this process was mainly limited to communication networks, but now the DriveServer specification uses this concept for automation devices in general. Integration into the OPC architecture.

The DriveServer is based on the OPC technology. It is comparable to a layer between a user program with OPC client interface and the communication media. The connection with the communication media can either be implemented by the vendor in the DriveServer or a communication OPC server. The DriveServer encapsulates device features according to their functions. All features are accessed via a functional interface. Thus the functionality of the devices, their description and access mechanism remains unchanged. Access is made via standard means, for instance, not parameters and their content but the access to these parameters are defined by names. The main advantage is that the vendors do not have to change their implementations.

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